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The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin

Kid's Club

The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin

Kids Club at The Villas Hua Hin

At our Kids Club at The Villas Club Hua Hin you can leave your baby under the supervision of an experienced professional teacher! Give yourself a few hours of free time for the benefit of your baby! ⠀ A child will be able to make a beautiful and useful craft in our creative workshop: paint a plaster figure, make a sand picture, magic coloring, face painting, get a figurine from balls, play puppet theater with us, puzzles, tangram and much more! We work with kids every day. This means that we pay special attention not only to pedagogy or parties, but also to safety.
  • We avoid sharp parts, corners and dangerous elements in our Kids Club;
  • The pool is fenced with a bright fence so that the baby does not fall into the water;
  • We have all the necessary skills in first aid;
  • In our Club there is a small first aid kit just in case (although, we hope, it will not be useful to us);
  • We do not allow children with obvious signs of illness (fever, severe runny nose, etc.) to our holidays and activities;
  • At the entrance we have a small gate that kids cannot overcome without the help of adults;
  • We observe fire safety; We want our children to stay with us not only interesting and useful, but also safe! We are waiting for you every day in our Kids Club at the Villas Сlub Hua Hin!

Kids Club

– Children’s parties and birthdays; – Ribbon discos and foam parties; – Creative workshops “Pansies” – Pool party, children’s cinema, neon drawing; – Special children’s menu; – Playroom for kids; – Classes and studios; – Multinational groups; – Game supervision; – Quests on an area over 1 hectare
The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin
  • Free use of all facilities of The Villas Hua Hin Resort
  • 10% discount from Restaurant & Bar
  • 20% discount for all Spa & Massage Treatments
  • 10% discount from Greek Taverna (Mediterranean Cuisine)
  • 10% discount from Corner 112 Steakhouse & Churrascaria
  • Free use of Petangue Course (ready to use)
  • Free use of Mini Golf (under construction)
  • Free use of children’s play ground (ready to use)
  • Free use for Table Card Games Room (ready to use)
  • Free use of Chess & Backgammon Room (ready to use)
  • Enjoy organized tours (under construction)
  • Enjoy organized golf tournaments & tours (under construction)
The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin
  • Reception 24 hours
  • Restaurant open 9 am to 8 pm, organized events (birthdays, marriages, parties)
  • Swimming Pool, 8 x 24 meters with salas and sundeck
  • Library & Coffee Bar (ready to use)
  • Bar & Games Room (Pool Table and football table, ready to use)
  • Wine, Cigar & Whisky Club (under construction)
  • Spa & Massage Treatment Rooms (ready to use)
  • Meditation Areas (Gardens and Waterfalls, ready to use)
  • Private Pétanque Course with two lines 15 meters long (ready to use)
  • Children’s Club and Playground (ready to use)
  • Table Games Room (air conditioner with 7 tables ready to use)
  • Mini Golf Area (under construction)
  • Golf Academy with Golf simulator (under construction)

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The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin
The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin

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