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The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin

About Us

Namasté at The Villas Hua Hin Meditation Club! Everybody interested or experienced is invited to join us for free in a calming and peaceful environment. We do not follow strict rules or meditation techniques – but we can guide You to explore Your own peaceful inner light. Even if You are unexperienced but curious – just come by and give it a try. We provide a wonderful environment within a natural garden and close to a waterfall. The best conditions to calm down and retreat. For advanced practitioners we prepared a silent place under a covered sala at the waterfall, for beginners we offer guided meditations in English and German (other languages will follow). You are craving for more inner peace? You are looking for the source of Your inner strength and balance? You are at the right place in The Villas Hua Hin Mediation Club. And all of this for free. Please check the schedule on this page for more information. If no meditation session is scheduled, please feel invited to enjoy this place by yourself. All other clubs at The Villas Hua Hin Club are also open for You. You have children? Bring them over to the Kids Club and let them play inside a protected, child-friendly and supervised kids villa.

– Who can come to The Villas HuaHin Meditation Club?

Everybody of any age or skill can join us. We also welcome unexperienced people.

– Do I need to be a Club member?

Yes. General membership in The Villas Hua Hin Club is required to meditate for free.

– Do I need anything to bring with me?

We recommend to bring an own pillow or a yoga mat. Some pillows are also provided by the club.

– Can I get refreshments?

Yes, there are lots of delicious snacks and dishes at our restaurant and plenty of drinks in our Bar, you can also enjoy our large swimming pool , massage and other activities. Enjoy a full day of relax and pleasure.

– Interested in joining us?

That’s quite easy! Just check our schedule for guided meditations and get Your free membership card at the check-in counter. Also if You are experienced or like to meditate in silence – Your wonderful place is waiting for You. At any time, also outside scheduled meditation times. We would be happy to see You there. May You always walk in balance!
The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin
  • Free use of all facilities of The Villas Hua Hin Resort
  • 10% discount from Restaurant & Bar
  • 20% discount for all Spa & Massage Treatments
  • 10% discount from Greek Taverna (Mediterranean Cuisine)
  • 10% discount from Corner 112 Steakhouse & Churrascaria
  • Free use of Petangue Course (ready to use)
  • Free use of Mini Golf (under construction)
  • Free use of children’s play ground (ready to use)
  • Free use for Table Card Games Room (ready to use)
  • Free use of Chess & Backgammon Room (ready to use)
  • Enjoy organized tours (under construction)
  • Enjoy organized golf tournaments & tours (under construction)
The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin
  • Reception 24 hours
  • Restaurant open 9 am to 8 pm, organized events (birthdays, marriages, parties)
  • Swimming Pool, 8 x 24 meters with salas and sundeck
  • Library & Coffee Bar (ready to use)
  • Bar & Games Room (Pool Table and football table, ready to use)
  • Wine, Cigar & Whisky Club (under construction)
  • Spa & Massage Treatment Rooms (ready to use)
  • Meditation Areas (Gardens and Waterfalls, ready to use)
  • Private Pétanque Course with two lines 15 meters long (ready to use)
  • Children’s Club and Playground (ready to use)
  • Table Games Room (air conditioner with 7 tables ready to use)
  • Mini Golf Area (under construction)
  • Golf Academy with Golf simulator (under construction)

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The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin
The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin

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