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The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin

About Us

Welcome to The Villas Hua Hin, Pétanque Club, where we offer people of all ages and abilities the chance to play pétanque in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Set in the picturesque grounds of The Villas Hua Hin  Club, adjacent to the entrance of the resort, offering a unique combination of sporting & social facilities, our club organizes competitions, coaching and many fun events throughout the year. The course is available for free to all our members every day from 9am to 8pm, Saturday and Sundays are for Competitions, please reserve in advance your group and Time. Who can come and play at The Villas HuaHin, Pétanque Club?  Anybody of any age or skill can come and play. Regular players will be happy to teach you some techniques. Do I need to be a Club member?  Yes membership is required to play for free. Does it cost anything to play?  No, just turn up and play a friendly game. Reservations advised Can I get refreshments? Yes, there are lots of delicious snacks and dishes at our restaurant and plenty of drinks in our Bar, you can also enjoy our large Swimming pool , Massage, and other activities, enjoy a full day of relax and pleasure.

The Villas Hua Hin, Pétanque Club is one of the best, courses in Hua Hin. It has 2 good courses to play on and plenty of shelter. The Club itself has a reputation for a welcoming friendliness. We have a great clubhouse with easy parking. All you could wish for!

Why Pétanque is So Good

It’s easy to learn and you’ll quickly improve. It’s outdoors, it’s healthy, it’s active, it’s not exhausting! It’s good for almost any age, it requires strategy, it keeps your mind alert. It’s social, you get out, you make new friends and you may get to have a glass of wine. Enough said? And it’s different from what everyone else is doing!

Go On, Have A Go!

Come on, play a few games. There’s no charge, we’ll lend you the boules and pair you with a ‘buddy’. Call reception (081 943 1732) and just say “Can I have a go at P’tonk!”

Interested In Joining?

Membership is free for 3 months try period. Full membership is excellent value at 1,000.-  for a year’s enjoyable entertainment. To find out more go to Membership or Join Us.

We also host Social Evenings for clubs, groups or local companies to enjoy an evening with a bit of fun and a little tuition if required.

The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin
  • Free use of all facilities of The Villas Hua Hin Resort
  • 10% discount from Restaurant & Bar
  • 20% discount for all Spa & Massage Treatments
  • 10% discount from Greek Taverna (Mediterranean Cuisine)
  • 10% discount from Corner 112 Steakhouse & Churrascaria
  • Free use of Petangue Course (ready to use)
  • Free use of Mini Golf (under construction)
  • Free use of children’s play ground (ready to use)
  • Free use for Table Card Games Room (ready to use)
  • Free use of Chess & Backgammon Room (ready to use)
  • Enjoy organized tours (under construction)
  • Enjoy organized golf tournaments & tours (under construction)
The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin
  • Reception 24 hours
  • Restaurant open 9 am to 8 pm, organized events (birthdays, marriages, parties)
  • Swimming Pool, 8 x 24 meters with salas and sundeck
  • Library & Coffee Bar (ready to use)
  • Bar & Games Room (Pool Table and football table, ready to use)
  • Wine, Cigar & Whisky Club (under construction)
  • Spa & Massage Treatment Rooms (ready to use)
  • Meditation Areas (Gardens and Waterfalls, ready to use)
  • Private Pétanque Course with two lines 15 meters long (ready to use)
  • Children’s Club and Playground (ready to use)
  • Table Games Room (air conditioner with 7 tables ready to use)
  • Mini Golf Area (under construction)
  • Golf Academy with Golf simulator (under construction)

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The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin
The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin


The Clubs at the Villas Club Hua Hin

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